Sliding Drums with PHATFOOT

Are you tired of your drums sliding when you play?


Dont't you wish you could concentrate on playing your best

and not focus on when to pull your bass drum back?


Then Phatoot Drum Harness is your answer!

Just like you have Accident insurance on your automobile, PhatFoot is your Slip Sliding  insurance for your Drums. You hope that your drums will never slide, but if they do, you have PhatFoot to insure they won't ever again.

WELCOME to the Phatfoot Family of Endorsers

 Veysel Koryurek of Germany introduced to Phatfoot by Willie "BAMBAM" Parker

TJ "Drummerboy" Poole form Muncie Indiana

You can find us here:

ClayDrayton Productions makers of the PhatFoot Drum Harness & Keyboard Harness.

Phone: 626-399-6533


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Pictures from NAMM are now online!

Rocking out at NAMM 2015

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