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Q.   Why do I need Phafoot if I have a carpet?


A.   Carpets are fine, but using Phatfoot eliminates carrying the heavy akward rugs and the chance of forgetting it.

Q.  Do you think I need Phatfoot since I have spikes on my drum kit?


A.  Spikes are nice aren't they? until your stage is marble, cement or hard wood. Spike will not penetrate marble or cement and they won be happy if you ruin a businesses wood floor with your spikes. Phatfoot is your alternative.

Q.  Will PhatFoot work for me because I dont sit in the exact same spot everytime I play?


A. PhatFoot has a circular cup that allow it to rotate around the stool leg to any playing position.

Q.  I teach and when my students sit at my kit they need to move the throne a bit one way or another?


A.  PhatFoot is adjustable, if you need to readjust it to the legs of taller or shorter students, you just remove it from its current position and make the necessary adjustments. There are 11 inches of fastener strip so it will workfor even the allest drummer.

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